7 Quick reference points before you rent a car in Tenerife.

August 20th, 2009


  • Are your car rental company reputable?
  • Make sure the car you ordered is the car you got.
  • Is unlimited milage included?
  • Is Insurance included in the quote you received.
  • Bring your paperwork Insurance/Drivers Licence.
  • You do not need a big excess on your policy.
  • Check for damage before handing car back. They will charge you for damage.

If you follow this check list alone when renting a car in Tenerife you are off to a very good start!

A Brief History of Tenerife

August 12th, 2009

When we first decided to set up the Car Hire Tenerife Guide site we decided to throw in some background information on the island for you folks. According to some stories the Canary Islands are the last remains of the lost continent of Atlantis.

The volcanic creation of the eastern islands started more than 20 Million years ago. The name ”Tenerife” means ”snow covered mountain”. The first travellers visiting the island between 1,100 and 800 BC were Phoenicians. In 1341 the island was visited by Portuguese.

Map of Tenerife

Map of Tenerife

The history of the island is as firey as its volcanic past.

Approximately half a million years ago during the last stage of volcanic activity the Pico Viejo and the Pico del Teide were formed. The last volcanic eruption happened at Santiago del Teide in 1909.

The native inhabitants, the Guanches

The natives of the island were cave men. Their mummified remains were found in caves on the island leaving a historical trail of information about their society and culture. Only recently has the island begun to embrace the past history of the Guanches.  The Guanches were northwest African in origin, although the debate as to their exact origin still continues.

The Spanish conquest

Approximately five hundred years ago the Spanish conqueror Alonso Fernández de Lugo arrived at the bay of Añaza where harbour of Santa Cruz is situate.

La Matanza (the slaughter) as it is known happend on the 31 st of May of 1494. The Spanish were defeated by the natives.

On the 25th of December of 1495 and after plague had destoryed the Guanches population the Spanish finally overran the island. Alonso de Lugo conquered the island and the island was made a colony of Spain.

European Colonial Struggles.

In subsequent years Dutch, English and French tried unsuccessfully to conquer the islands. The island was seen as a last post for ships to ake on supplies and start the atlantic crossing. Admiral Horation Nelson lost his arm in an engagement off the island in 1797. The English were trying to capture the island. Nelson lost his right arm to a canon ball fired by the famous canon “El Tigre”. The actual canon is exhibited at the harbour of Santa Cruz. Despite the battle the two opposing comanding officers still exchanges barrels of wine as a sign of millitary courtesy.

Recent History


The first university in the Canary Islands was founded in La Laguna at the beginning of the 19th Century. In 1852 the Canary Islands were separated in the two separate provinces Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Subsequently, in 1927, the Canary Islands were split into western and eastern provinces.

Here is where my parents went on Honeymoon in the 60’s. It holds a special place in my heart.

Spanish dictator, Francseco Franco, Spent time on the canary islands prior to the commencement of the Spanish Civil War. Whilst on the island it is reported he was involved in the supression of much information relating to the struggle of the natives against the Spanish.

In recent times and towards the end of the 20th Century tourism boomed on the island. To the present day the island continues to be one of the leading tourist hot spots in the world. Car hire is big business on the island and accordingly high standards have developed in the local industry. When it comes to car hire Tenerife has many great companies to choose from. You will have a great chance to see all the historical hotspots the island has to offer.

Some Car Hire Companies in Tenerife

August 11th, 2009


When it comes to car hire Tenerife has a vast number of companies offering a high quality service. Amongst others;-

(0034) 922 792 919
Puerto de la Cruz, Playa de Las Américas, Golf del Sur, North Airport,  South Airport

(0034) 922 759 319
Puerto Santiago, Santa Cruz, South Airport, Costa Adeje, North Airport, Puerto de la Cruz.

Autos 3000 SL
(0034) 922 387 160/ 922 385 515
San Eugenio, Puerto de la Cruz, Playa de Las Américas.

AVIACAR rent a car
(0034) 922 260 200
North Airport, Puerto de la Cruz, South Airport

PG rentacar
(0034) 922 743 903
Calleo Salvaje

JOCAR rent a car
(0034) 922 169 124
Gauza, Arona

(0034) 922 759 329
Santa Cruz, South Airport, Los Cristianos, North Airport, Puerto de la Cruz, Puerto Santiago,

Internet based company only. They also feature a free airport pick-up.

Autolang rent a car
(0034) 922 385 323
(0034) 922 792 964
Santa Cruz, South Airport, North Airport, Playa de Las Américas.
Pouls Auto – Rent a car
(0034) 922 740 742
Callao Salvaje

Rent a car Sanasty S.L.
(0034) 922 751 130
Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje

(0034) 902 360 535
North Airport, Puerto Santiago, Santa Cruz, South Airport, Los Cristianos, Los Gigantes,  Playa de Las Américas, Puerto de la Cruz.

Piñero rent a car
(0034) 922 793 641
Los Cristianos

Orlando rent a car
(0034) 922 391 605
Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz, South Airport, Los Cristianos, Los Gigantes, North Airport, Playa de Las Américas.

AutoReisen rent a car
(0034) 922 260 200
South Airport, North Airport, Puerto de la Cruz,

(0034) 922 392 056
Playa de Las Américas, Puerto de la Cruz,Adeje, Los Gigantes, North Airport,  Santa Cruz, South Airport.

Europcar/ Betacar
(0034) 922 759 323
Fañabe, Playa de Las Américas, Purto de la Cruz, South Airport, Los Realejos, North Airport.

Hermanns rent a car
(0034) 92 791 110
Los Cristianos
Free airport delivery and pick up.Free delivery and pick up to hotels in the south of Tenerife.

Oasis rent a car
(0034) 922 872 898
Puerto de la Cruz, Puerto Santiago, Playa de Las Américas.

Record rent a car
(0034) 902 123 002
South Airport

Orcar rent a car
(0034) 922 392 216
South Airport, Playa de Las Américas, Puerto de la Cruz, Adeje, Fañabe, North Airport, San Eugenio, Santa Cruz,

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